The renowned International MicroNanoConference 2016 will take place December 13 and 14 in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The conference has a track record in bringing together Micro/Nano Science and Industry in an international context.The event in Amsterdam is more international business oriented than ever, with a focus on creating economic value for the micro and nano community.

The international MicroNanoConference has a solid track record in bringing together the elements of the value chain. The active involvement of industry, science and user community of microsystems and nanotechnology is the hallmark of this conference. Academia and industry, researchers, engineers and policymakers discuss the latest developments. The conference spans basic research, engineering science, technology, equipment and instrumentation. Industrial applications, impact on society and business define the context. Business development in high tech start-ups and value creation for growth in medium sized and large companies will be addressed.

- A program with a focus on micro and nano for industrial applications and research

- Keynote speakers of important international companies such as Illumina, HP and FEI

- Contributions of international renowned research institutes such as ETH Zurich, Max-Planck Institute, MERLN Institute and IMTEK

- An entrepreneurship track, including 20 pitches of national and international start-up companies

- More than 30 participating companies

- Networking to create opportunities to create economic value