Electric Motor Project Manager

Blue Heart Energy – Alkmaar (Thermoacoustics - The new Heat pump technology)

What is required?

  • Master's degree
  • At least 5 years' work experience
  • Knowledge of electrical motors, project management skills
  • Excellent command of the English language and Dutch speaking preferred
  • EU working permit preferred
  • Able to steer external parties
  • Good communication skills,
  • Fast learning, curious, creative

What will you get?

  • €3.500 - €5.500 gross p/m
  • Phantom-share bonus system
  • 40 hour workweek
  • 25 vacation days
  • Laptop, simcard for EU & US and hybrid working

What will you do?

  • 35% Managing projects
  • 20% Project meetings
  • 30% Technical engineering
  • 10% Engineering support
  • 5% Documentation


As an Electric Motor Project Manager at Blue Heart Energy, you plan and execute development projects for the electric motor and related components. You are the expert in electric motors and related topics, understand all the elements and can do some analysis yourself. You work on multiple projects at the same time, and you provide additional engineering and support on the topic of electric motors to other projects as well. You help prepare the electric motor for mass manufacturing.

You identify and coordinate the most important research questions to be answered by the Research and Validation team, and you identify projects that can be implemented to answer them. To do this, you work together with internal and external partners, for example, institutional partners and other suppliers that have experience in the field.

Together with your project team, you prepare the project plan. After this is set up, you manage the implementation of the project, including maintaining project schedules, managing project budgets, coordinating activities and ensuring that project deliverables are supplied on time.

Besides this, you also work on the technical engineering. This means you review existing product performance and literature, and write a technical development roadmap to deliver a mass manufacturable component. You also conduct technical analyses of the electric motor, and review analyses from the Research and Validation team and external suppliers. You provide technical feedback and support, so the electrical motor is improved on a daily basis.

Normally, you are part of the System Engineering team, though, for many projects you work collaboratively with the Research and Validation team, as they are more focused on understanding fundamental aspects. This depends on the project you are working on.

If you enjoy a balance of technical work with project management in a startup environment, and you do not mind priorities shifting quickly, then this is the job for you.

On your favorite day of the week, you have a lot of time to dive into technical details. You review literature and identify potential feature improvements. You then use this to update and improve the technical roadmap, and inform your team about it.

Firsthand experience

You notice that a project is behind schedule. What do you do?

You organize regular steering meetings to manage the projects. If things fall outside the budget and time tolerance, it escalates to a steering meeting. This will typically be from one of the executives of the Research and Validation team. You discuss the reasons for falling behind and try to find solutions to remedy it. If remedying is not possible, you assess the impact of the delay.

What do you do?


The career growth path at Blue Heart Energy is not fixed. The company expects to grow fast in the coming years, generating opportunities for all those who are ready to assume new responsibilities. BHE supports training and courses, and sharing knowledge is very important among employees. The main advantage of the start up phase is that self-initiative is really appreciated, and you can create your own job. As Blue Heart Energy grows, you grow along with them.

Working at Blue Heart Energy

Blue Heart Energy was founded in 2016 to apply thermoacoustics as a technology in heat pumps. Thermoacoustics is a disruptive approach to generate heat and cold, with potential to revolutionize the whole industry. Over the past five years, BHE has developed a thermoacoustic engine to power heat pumps in residential buildings. This so called 'Blue Heart' of a heat pump is sold to manufacturers. In the coming years, Blue Heart will have to be further developed and optimized. Besides this, we must set up our production and strengthen the relationships with our customers.

Straight to the job: https://jobs.blueheartenergy.com/en/electric-motor-project-manager/

View company profile of Blue Heart Energy

  • Headquarters in Alkmaar
  • 17 employees
  • Active in more than 10 countries
  • 20% / 80%
  • Average age 35 years
  • Casual
  • Hybrid working