Innovation Analyst
Delft, 38 hours

Universityservice - Direction ICT & FM
At the IT Innovation department, we support researchers, teachers and students in understanding and applying IT in the best possible way. We work closely with the Shared Service Center ICT to convert promising technologies into campus-wide services. We also work closely with the Data Stewards, the Library and the Faculty IT Managers to identify new opportunities for supporting our researchers through IT.

We are continuously running pilot projects, where failure is not seen as an option, but as an amazing opportunity to learn.

Function description
Your job is to foster new ideas and introduce IT solutions that make a difference for researchers at our university. Capable and enthusiastic, you welcome the opportunity to seek out new ways to facilitate research in this technologically exciting and intellectually challenging environment.

Each line of research has its own specific IT requirements. It is up to you to find out exactly what is needed by proactively engaging with scientists, colleague IT specialists, deans, Data Stewards, the board of the university, etc. You have a feel for the dynamics and dilemmas in a research environment and you know how to uncover the underlying questions and wishes. You use your broad IT experience and your knowledge of the latest trends to analyse which technologies can best support a line of research. That may mean investigating software that allows scientists to manage their research data easily, or setting up a streaming data platform that enables a new type of research.

You will advise on how to translate innovations into practical applications and infrastructural projects that could lead to campus-wide IT services. You will use your passion for IT to gather support and create momentum. You do this through a collaborative approach, bringing together colleagues with similar problems and taking the lead in furthering a common vision.

Such a collaborative approach is a pivotal element in your work: not only to advise on a project level, but always bringing a strategic view to identify the advantages of technology for the university as a whole. For this you will engage inside and outside the TU Delft with other education and research institutes such as SURF, 4TU, and other communities nationally and internationally.

This is what you bring:

  • PhD-degree in one of the core competences of the TU Delft: science, technology, math engineering or design.
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in an academic environment.
  • Broad range of skills and passion when it comes to IT innovation.
  • The ability to engage comfortably with stakeholders of all backgrounds, from scientists to librarians, from sysadmin to policy makers. You know how to gain trust and make people enthusiastic about your ideas.
  • Proactiveness and energy to shape not only your own career but, in collaboration with your direct colleagues, to shape the department.
  • Excellent spoken and written English. If you also speak Dutch, this will make your life a lot easier.

What we offer

  • A salary between € 4.294,- and € 5.513,- monthly (on a full-time basis).
  • An 8.3% year-end bonus.
  • A customizable compensation package.
  • Flexible work-times and/or the opportunity to work from home.
  • Maternity leave with partly continued payment.
  • Access to child care for TU Delft employees.
  • Participation in our health coach program.
  • The vacancy is for a temporary appointment of 1 year, with the prospect of extension.

Information and application
For more information about this position, please contact Mark Schenk directly via Finally, for more information about the application procedure, contact Ruth Vidal via

To apply, please send a letter of motivation and a detailed CV before the 1st of october to Mark Schenk, manager R&D/Innovation, via Please add your first and last name to the title of both your letter and your CV and please refer to vacancy number AT/UD/ICT-FM/2018-31. For more information about our organisation you can visit

Agency calls are not appreciated.