Next year will see the construction start of a green residential tower, designed by the Italian architect Stefano Broeri. The tower façade will be clad with 125 trees and 5200 shrubs and plants.

Design of the Trudo Tower.

The Trudo Tower will be built at Strijp-S, the former Philips factory site which is nowadays a popular development area. For the 70-meter-high tower, the Eindhoven-based Sint Trudo housing corporation has opted for the design of Italian architect Stefano Broeri, inspired by his Bosco Verticale in Milan.

What’s so special about the 19-storey tower is that it is intended for social housing. There will be space for 125 compact rented apartments of 50 m2, with room below for shops and offices. Each apartment will have a balcony with two large planters for the trees, shrubs and plants. The ground floor will have a communal garden of 350 m2.  Upon completion, the housing corporation will be responsible for maintaining the greenery.

Sint Trudo has provisionally announced that construction will start next year, with the first residents being able to move into their apartments in 2019.

Also in Utrecht

The Trudo Tower is not the only green tower project in the Netherlands in which Broeri has been involved. He has also joined forces with MVSA architects to design the two Wonderwoods residential and working towers to be built on the Jaarbeursboulevard in Utrecht. The two towers, which stand 90 and 70 m tall, will be covered by a total of 360 trees and 9000 shrubs. This project is due to start in 2019, with completion planned for 2022.

Design of the two Wonderwoods towers. Image MVSA architects.

One major inspirer for the green apartment building concept is the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, who has created the most fantastic designs in this way. His Agora Tower design is currently under construction in Taipei.


Construction photo (left) and design of the Twisting Agora Tower in Taipei. Illustration World Architecture News.

Below: a drone recording of the Bosco Verticale in Milan.

Opening image: the Bosco Verticale in Milan.

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